Nathan Gelgud is a cartoonist. He used to live in New York, now he lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and their daughter. His first book, A House in the Jungle, was released by Koyama Press in 2018. He plans to eventually read all of the novels of Iris Murdoch, and then to start re-reading them. (July 2019)


The Magic of Iris Murdoch

It started about ten years ago when I was walking around in the west village with my girlfriend Jolie. In the Housing Works on West 10th I saw a copy of The Good Apprentice. I’d never heard of Iris Murdoch before but I liked the description on the back. I started reading it that night, and was hooked. It’s about search for meaning, has a big cast, it’s mysterious, and has a hint of weird magic. As I read more of her books, I’d see that that could describe almost all of them. So, what happens in an Iris Murdoch novel?