Patrick Radden Keefe is a project leader at the World Policy Institute and the author of Chatter: Dispatches from the Secret World of Global Eavesdropping. (May 2005)


Cat-and-Mouse Games

Code Names: Deciphering US Military Plans, Programs, and Operations in the 9/11 World

by William M. Arkin
In the years since September 11, 2001, amateur plane spotters around the world have tracked the movements of what started out as an unidentified flying object, a phantom jet. The plane, a Gulfstream V, the kind of small, sleek private aircraft favored by movie stars and business executives, was first …

Quartermasters of Terror

Blood from Stones: The Secret Financial Network of Terror

by Douglas Farah
On November 7, 2001, agents from Customs, Immigration, the IRS, and the FBI burst into the Dorchester, Massachusetts, offices of al-Barakaat, a Somali conglomerate with branches in forty countries, and arrested Mo- hamed M. Hussein, treasurer of Barakaat North America, on charges of operating an unlicensed money transfer business, or, …

Iraq: America’s Private Armies

Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry

by P.W. Singer
As the ragtag killers of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) advanced on Freetown in the spring of 1995, the government of Sierra Leone took a desperate measure. The rebels had cut a violent swath across the country, enlisting child soldiers and leaving thousands with amputated limbs or dead in their …