Robert Macfarlane is the author of books about nature, people, and place, including The Old Ways, Landmarks, and, most recently, Underland: A Deep Time Journey. He is a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.
 (April 2020)


The Crapola Sublime

A photograph by Stephen Shore from Transparencies: Small Camera Works 1971–1979, a collection of his images of the North American landscape just published by Mack

Traces of J.B. Jackson: The Man Who Taught Us to See Everyday America

by Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz
The pioneering American cultural geographer John Brinckerhoff Jackson (1909–1996) learned to analyze landscapes not at Harvard, where he lectured, or in New Mexico, where he lived and ranched, but in the war-shattered countryside of Germany’s Hürtgen Forest during the Allied push eastward after the D-Day landings in 1944. German resistance …