Low Marx

Main Currents of Marxism: Its Rise, Growth and Dissolution

by Leszek Kolakowski, translated by P.S. Falla
In Poland during the early 1950s Leszek Kolakowski took part with the other Marxist philosophers in battles “combating the non-Marxist tradition,” as he puts it in Main Currents of Marxism. He does not, he now dryly remarks, “regard the fact as a source of pride.” In 1952 he had written …

On George Lichtheim

Europe in the Twentieth Century

by George Lichtheim

Collected Essays

by George Lichtheim
George Lichtheim’s death has silenced the voice of a writer unique in the English-speaking world. It was a distinctive voice—dry, precise, subtle, shrewd, sophisticated, detached, ironic, mordant, supercilious, magisterial. It was also a profoundly European voice, addressing the Anglo-Saxons, urging them to deepen their vision of the world by taking …