I’m All Right, Dick

On the Democratic Idea in America

by Irving Kristol
By reading this book one discovers what Spiro Agnew would sound like if he had gone to CCNY in the Thirties. Irving Kristol’s villains, like Agnew’s, are drugs, pornography, “youth,” the “adversary culture,” “intellectuals” (professors in particular), those who criticize the war, those on welfare and others who share “unreasonable” …

Mr. Justice Pangloss

The Anatomy of Liberty: The Rights of Man without Force

by William O. Douglas

Freedom of the Mind

by William O. Douglas
Mr. Justice Douglas has never suffered from what Mr. Justice Frankfurter once called “judicial lockjaw.” Since 1950, Douglas has written twenty books and dozens of articles. Whether we see this list as confirming or as refuting the widespread belief that Supreme Court Justices do not have enough time to think, …