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Liu Xia

A Berlin Memorial for Liu Xiaobo

On July 13, the one-year anniversary of the day the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo died in custody, writers, scholars, and activists will gather at the Gethsemane Church in Berlin to honor his life and work. The service has been organized by the German pastor Roland Kühne and by Tienchi Martin-Liao, the chief editor of Liu’s works in Chinese, German, and English and president of the Independent Chinese PEN Center. They will be joined by the singer and former East German dissident Wolf Biermann, the poet and Nobel Laureate Herta Müller, the exiled Chinese author/musician Liao Yiwu, and the writer Ian Johnson, a regular contributor to the New York Review. Liu’s “life and death,” Johnson wrote in the NYR Daily last year, “stand for the fundamental conundrum of Chinese reformers over the past century—not how to boost GDP or recover lost territories, but how to create a more humane and just political system.”

For more information, visit chinachange.org

Category: Readings and Talks
Gethsemane Church
Stargarder Str. 77,
Berlin, Germany