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‘America’s Cool Modernism: O’Keeffe to Hopper’

A new exhibition at the Ashmolean gives “an education in the work produced by the precisionist artists of the 1920s through the 1940s,” writes Lucy Scholes in the NYR Daily. “The ‘cool’ of the exhibition’s title is a reference to both form and content. The images use sharp, well-defined lines and striking applications of pigment (whether as bold blocks of color or in arresting monochrome). They speak to a desire for a sanitized version of reality that tries to master the anxieties and ambivalences associated with modern life, a need more keenly felt in America, a country then synonymous with certain signifiers of modernity—industrial and technological development on an epic new scale in the form of dams, bridges, factories and skyscrapers—to a degree still alien to her European cousins.”

For more information, visit ashmolean.org.

Category: Exhibition
Ashmolean Museum
Beaumont Street,
Oxford, Oxfordshire