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Private Collection

Andrea del Sarto

In the December 17 issue of The New York Review, Ingrid Rowland writes, “One leaf from Giorgio Vasari’s vanished collection, a pensive Study for the Head of Saint Joseph, is now on display at the Frick Collection in New York, part of a comprehensive traveling exhibition of the exquisite drawings produced by his master, Andrea del Sarto. Vasari has inked a delicate frame around the figure, a black chalk study with delicate highlights of red on the cheeks. A scrolled label at the bottom identifies Andrea del Sarto as the author in elegant classical capitals. Here, at least, the pupil’s awe at his teacher’s talent has silenced every criticism.

This cherished drawing, along with a choice selection of other disegni from the master’s hand, three paintings, and a thoughtful catalog edited by Julian Brooks, Denise Allen, and Xavier Salomon make up “Andrea del Sarto: The Renaissance Workshop in Action,” the first show in the United States ever to be dedicated exclusively to this exceptionally influential artist. With works that represent virtually every stage of the artistic process except the first spark of an idea inside the painter’s head, and helpful labels to point out the essentials of each drawing, we can see why Vasari could find his extraordinary master both so sublime and so exasperating.”

For more information, visit frick.org.

Frick Collection
1 East 70th Street,
New York, NY