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Kira Perov/Bill Viola Studio/Performers: Weba Garretson, John Hay, Sarah Steben

‘Bill Viola: Electronic Renaissance’

“Florence,” writes Ingrid Rowland in the NYR Daily, “is where [Bill] Viola spent a formative two-year period from 1974 to 1976, at the very beginning of his career, studying the old masters as he explored new ways of making moving pictures as technical director of art/tapes/22, a pioneering center for video art until it closed in 1976. He has returned again and again to the city to refresh his ideas, and this retrospective exhibition creates a new paragone that is both lively and, if the pun may be pardoned, illuminating. The greatest contribution his slow-motion video technique makes to creative expression, as he describes it, is time: ‘Time shapes your image, and the image shapes time with its slowness. Your time is like a series of frozen moments that come together to form an unbroken continuity, making emotions truly powerful. You use narrative and the figurative form to portray emotion.'”

For more information, visit palazzostrozzi.org.

Category: Exhibition
Palazzo Strozzi
Piazza degli Strozzi,
Florence, Toscana