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‘The Brink’

On the NYR Daily, Francine Prose writes, “What if the only two people with the will and the power to prevent World War III were a rogue secretary of state—a hard-drinking, compulsive womanizer—and a low-level State Department functionary who spends his time scoring weed, pursuing unattainable women, and dreaming of a transfer from Pakistan to Paris? That is the question that drives the dark, acerbic comedy of The Brink, the HBO series that aired this summer and, despite lukewarm reviews and relatively little attention or publicity, has been renewed for a second season. Offhandedly mocking our inadequate, improvisatory foreign policy in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, The Brink is so funny, so inventive—and so fearless in what it has to say about geopolitics—that watching it would be pure pleasure were the events it depicts not so uncomfortably close to the perilous reality of the world in which we live.”

The Brink can be seen on HBO GO.

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