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Christian Marclay’s ‘The Clock’

If the term “real time” had not yet been coined, we would need it for this film. Christian Marclay’s day- and night-long masterpiece, composed of thousands of clips spanning the history of cinema, forms a kaleidoscopic lens into the culture’s experience of time. As Zadie Smith wrote [here] (http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2011/apr/28/killing-orson-welles-midnight/), it’s “a trancelike experience, almost hallucinogenic”—“neither bad nor good, but sublime, maybe the greatest film you have ever seen.” Not to mention the greatest clock; you can set your watch by it, but you will not be looking at your watch.

Free, and open Tuesday-Thursday from 8 AM-10 PM, and continuously Friday 8 AM-Sunday 10 PM. For more information visit [LincolnCenterFestival.org] (http://lincolncenterfestival.org/index.php/2012-the-clock).

Category: Exhibition, Film
David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center
61 West 62nd St.,
New York, NY