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Edward Mendelson: ‘Medicine, Empire, Love: The Inner Life of Mrs. Dalloway’

Edward Mendelson, Lionel Trilling Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University and a regular contributor to The New York Review, will deliver the twenty-fourth series of Leonard Hastings Schoff Memorial Lectures at Columbia on Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. The first, “Medicine” (Monday, November 13, 8pm), centers on Woolf’s understanding of bodily and mental illness and well-being. The second, “Empire” (Monday, November 20, 8pm), concerns her understanding of the power of large impersonal forces over individual lives. The third, “Love” (Monday, November 27, 8pm), is about her characters’ self-knowledge and their real and possible relations with others.

All three lectures will be free, open to the public, and immediately followed by a reception. 

For more information, visit english.columbia.edu

Category: Readings and Talks
Faculty House, Columbia
64 Morningside Drive,
New York, NY