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James Fenton interviewed by Robyn Creswell

On May 17th. Robyn Creswell, the poetry editor of The Paris Review, and a fellow at the New York Public Library’s Cullman Center, will interview the poet James Fenton on stage at the New York Pubic Library on 42nd Street, in the South Court Auditorium at seven o’clock.

Christopher Hitchens once told me that years ago he and his wife, Carol Blue, had a party for Susan Sontag after she gave a reading in Washington, DC. Susan arrived at their apartment, the party was already going, and Hitch and Carol asked her how the reading went. Susan said that it had gone really well and that they should have been there. They said they were sorry to have missed it. No really, Susan went on, you should have been there. I am the second best reader I know. Hitch said he couldn’t resist and had to ask who was the first best reader. She said, James Fenton.

Category: Readings and Talks
The New York Public Library
476 Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY