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Towner, Eastbourne

‘Ravilious & Co: The Pattern of Friendship: English Artist Designers, 1922-1942’

“A lower-middle-class boy (‘not quite a gentleman,’ thought Tirzah Garwood when she met him, although she still married him), he made his way to the Royal College of Art and soon developed remarkable skill as a draughtsman and wood-engraver,” writes Geoffrey Wheatcroft in the NYR Daily about the English artist Eric Ravilious (1903–1942). “He became a prolific and successful painter, but also an illustrator of posters and murals for exhibitions. Like every one of the artists mentioned in this article, he designed book jackets—and there’s a subject for an exhibition. Their work helped to create a golden age of London publishing and book production between the wars, and there are many hundreds of jackets that are worth seeing for their own sakes (and are often more memorable than the books they wrapped).”

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Category: Exhibition
Compton Verney
Compton Verney,
Warwickshire, United Kingdom