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David Zwirner

‘Raymond Pettibon: TH’ EXPLOSIYV SHOYRT T’

Raymond Pettibon’s latest exhibit of drawings at David Zwirner, Robert Storr writes in the NYR Daily, “focuses on the travails of a complex man haunted by private conflicts and quick to answer the voices in his head. Against a pitch black background two bands of text in the formal, third person diction he sometimes deploys appear on one wide sheet (forty-four inches across), effectively drawing parentheses around the existential crisis that seems to be in progress: ‘He could not understand the severity of the judgement [sic] he meted out to himself.… Plans must be laid for when his new life would begin.'”

For more information, visit davidzwirner.com.

Category: Exhibition
David Zwirner
519, 525 & 533 West 19th Street,
New York, NY