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2017 Imogen Cunningham Trust/Estate of Ruth Asawa/David Zwirner, New York/London

Ruth Asawa at David Zwirner

At David Zwirner, writes Zack Hatfield in the NYR Daily, the Japanese-American artist Ruth Asawa’s suspended wire sculptures “hang from the ceiling by wire and appear to levitate over a white, peanut-shaped stage. Included in the exhibition is a handwritten letter from Asawa to her husband, the architect Albert Lanier, in which she thought to mention that she enjoyed biology. ‘I laugh with the sun, and mist that tries so hard to seduce the mountains,’ she wrote. Many sculptures bring to mind the chaotic symmetries and certainties found on an atomic level. Smaller mobiles also hang above the stage: orbs of various crocheted metals—brass, copper, gold-plated—that resemble homemade cosmogonies. Unlike other mobile sculptors like Alexander Calder and Joan Miró, Asawa is rarely considered a playful artist. There is an openness to wonder found in her attitude toward scale. This wonder radiates from two later works—wreaths of prickly brass and bronze festooned in different rooms—that are reminiscent of supernovae, of something from which life could begin.”

For more information, visit davidzwirner.com

Category: Exhibition
David Zwirner
519, 525 & 533 West 19th Street,
New York, NY