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Alex Bailey/Netflix

‘The Crown’

In The New York Review, Jonathan Freedland reviews the Netflix series The Crown, which follows the Elizabeth II’s reign. He writes, “For a British viewer, watching The Crown has a particularly intimate quality. Seeing retold once more the stories of Edward and Wallis, Margaret and Peter, one has the sensation of hearing again the tales that are told in families, passed down from one generation to the next. Even in my own family of Jewish immigrants and their children, I can remember these battles recounted as if they were domestic gossip, the older relatives speaking about Alice or Mary, distant figures I’d never heard of, the younger ones trading speculative thoughts about Margaret and Peter, while people my age grew up amid the chatter of Charles and Diana. The Crown takes the form of a family saga, but so too does the British monarchy itself—it is a family saga played out in real time, over decades and centuries.”

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