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Two Boys

On the NYRblog, Geoffrey O’Brien writes, “Taking in Two Boys can feel like an exercise in compartmentalized perception. You may find yourself simultaneously following the storyline of a bluntly told police procedural; running your eyes down a series of displayed computer screens; tracking, amid the momentary tableaux of a constantly reconfigured set with dozens of video projections, the coming and goings of characters whose degree of actual as opposed to virtual existence is always in doubt, and above (or more properly beneath) all, listening intently to layers of music that overlap, in isolated parallel tracks, without ever quite joining up. Solo voices exchange recitatives; a chorus simulates a sea-surge of lost unidentifiable voices; the orchestra, in a realm of pure oblivious form, executes patterns of mercurial loveliness.”

To purchase tickets, visit metopera.org.

Category: Music
Metropolitan Opera
50 Lincoln Center Plaza #150,
New York, NY