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A Young Doctor’s Notebook

On the NYRgallery, Orlando Figes writes, “The tone of Mikhail Bulgakov’s collection of stories, A Country Doctor’s Notebook, is wistful, off-the-cuff, a touch nostalgic, sometimes grim, but not particularly comic or surreal, even if the doctor performs miracles in his operating theatre by saving lives against all odds. But that is just the tone the TV writers strike in their black comedy. Too much is played for laughs. Jokes are made where there are none in the original: the doctor makes fun of the plain looks of a nurse; he is caught looking at pornography; and we see him in a slapstick fight with his older self during an emergency. This is an enjoyable series. There are strong performances, especially from Jon Hamm, who is wonderful to watch for the subtle blend of mordant humor and self-loathing on his handsome face. But it is far from a faithful version of A Country Doctor’s Notebook.”

The second season of A Young Doctor’s Notebook will air on Sky Arts on November 21, and on Ovation in 2014.

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