Holes in Moore

Henry Moore: A Study of His Life and Work by Herbert Read

Henry Moore: The Life and Work of a Great Sculptor by Donald Hall

Le President Soleil

De Gaulle by Alexander Werth

De Gaulle by Jean Lacouture, translated by Francis K. Price

Sons of France: Pétain and De Gaulle by Jean-Raymond Tournoux, translated by Oliver Coburn

No Laurels for De Gaulle by Robert Mengin, translated by Jay Allen

Believe It Or Not

The Unbelievers by A.O.J. Cockshut

Religious Controversies of the Nineteenth Century: Selected Documents edited by A.O.J. Cockshut

The Newman Brothers by William Robbins

Magic Defeated

The Time of the Angels by Iris Murdoch

The Birds Fall Down by Rebecca West

The Animal Hotel by Jean Garrigue

Happy Anniversary

The History of the Norman Conquest of England by E.A. Freeman

Feudal England by J.H. Round, with Foreword by Sir Frank Stenton

The Bayeux Tapestry: A comprehensive Survey by Sir Frank Stenton. and others

William the Conqueror: The Norman Impact Upon England by D.C. Douglas

William I and the Norman Conquest, by F. Barlow

The Military Organization of Norman England by C. Warren Hollister

The Norman Conquest by D.J.A. Matthew

The Conquest of England by Eric Linklater

The Making of the King 1066 by Alan Lloyd

Battle 1066 by C.N. Barclay