A Saint-Simon of Our Time

In the Twenties: The Diaries of Harry Kessler

translated by Charles Kessler, with an Introduction by Otto Friedrich

The Fantasy of the Perfect Lover

The Love Treatment: Sexual Intimacy between Patients and Psychotherapists

by Martin Shepard MD

The Radical Therapist

by the Radical Therapist Collective, produced by Jerome Agel

A Special Supplement: The Chicanos

Forty Acres: Cesar Chavez and the Farm Workers

by Mark Day

Barrio Boy

by Ernesto Galarza

The Life Story of the Mexican Immigrant

by Manuel Gamio

Grito!: Reies Tijerina and the New Mexico Land Grant War of 1967

by Richard Gardner

The Mexican-American People, The Nation's Second Largest Minority

by Leo Grebler and Joan W. Moore and Ralph C. Guzman

So Shall Ye Reap: The Story of Cesar Chavez and the Farm Workers' Movement

by Joan London and Henry Anderson

The Chicanos: Mexican American Voices

edited by Edward W. Ludwig, edited by James Santibanez

Sal Si Puedes (Escape If You Can): Cesar Chavez and the New American Revolution

by Peter Matthiessen

North from Mexico: The Spanish-speaking People of the United States

by Carey McWilliams

The Chicanos: A History of Mexican Americans

by Matthew S. Meier and Feliciano Rivera

Mexican Americans

by Joan W. Moore and Alfredo Cuéllar

Chicano Manifesto

by Armando B. Rendon

Pain and Promise: The Chicano Today

edited by Edward Simmen

The Chicano: From Caricature to Self-Portrait

edited by Edward Simmen

Aztlán: An Anthology of Mexican American Literature

edited by Luis Valdez, edited by Stan Steiner

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Varèse, Xenakis, Carter

Edgard Varèse

by Fernand Ouellette, translated by Derek Coltman

Varèse: A Looking-Glass Diary Volume I: 1883-1928

by Louise Varèse

Formalized Music: Thought and Mathematics in Composition

by Iannis Xenakis

Flawed Words and Stubborn Sounds: A Conversation with Elliott Carter

by Allen Edwards

Sir Oswald, Leave the House!

My Life

by Oswald Mosley

Mind Your Maniera

Painting in Italy 1500-1600

by Sidney J. Freedberg

Mannerism: Style and Civilization

by John Shearman

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