Talking of Michelangelo

Michelangelo's Last Paintings: The Conversion of St. Paul and the Crucifixion of St. Peter in the Cappella Paolina, Vatican Palace

by Leo Steinberg

Imprisoned in the Sixties

Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine

by Tom Wolfe

Winners and Losers: Battles, Retreats, Gains, Losses and Ruins from a Long War

by Gloria Emerson

The Arms Boom and How to Stop It

The Game of Disarmament

by Alva Myrdal

Controlling the Conventional Arms Race

by the United Nations Association

US Military Sales to Iran Committee on Foreign Relations, US Senate

A Staff Report to the Subcommittee on Foreign Assistance of the

Mad About the Boy

Remembered Laughter: The Life of Noel Coward

by Cole Lesley

The Shadow of the Furies

The Memory of Justice

directed by Marcel Ophuls

Edvard Munch: Self-Portraitist (Notes from a Diary)

Edvard Munch

by Thomas Messer

Edvard Munch: The Scream

by Reinhold Heller


by Jean Selz, translated by Eileen Hennessy

The Graphic Art of Edvard Munch

by Werner Timm, translated by Ruth Michaelis-Jena and Patrick Murray

Edvard Munch

catalogue of the Arts Council of Great Britain, with forewords by Sir Kenneth Clark and Knut Berg

Edvard Munch

a film directed by Peter Watkins

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Photography in Search of Itself

Looking at Photographs: 100 Pictures from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art

by John Szarkowski

The Not-So-Light Fantastic


by Robert Nye

October Light

by John Gardner

Terra Nostra

by Carlos Fuentes, translated by Margaret Sayers Peden

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