The Portable Canterbury

Billy Graham: A Parable of American Righteousness

by Marshall Frady

Billy Graham: Evangelist to the World

by John Pollock

Angels: God's Secret Agents

by Billy Graham

Not So Freed Men

Been in the Storm So Long: The Aftermath of Slavery

by Leon F. Litwack

Dodgson’s Passion

The Letters of Lewis Carroll Vol. I: 1837-1885 Vol. II: 1886-1898

edited by Morton N. Cohen, with the assistance of Roger Lancelyn Green

Lewis Carroll, Photographer of Children: Four Nude Studies

by Morton N. Cohen

Voznesensky’s Case

Nostalgia for the Present

by Andrei Voznesensky and Vera Dunham, edited by Max Hayward

The Making and Unmaking of a Soviet Writer

by Anatoly Gladilin, translated by David Lapeza

Letter from ‘Manhattan’

The characters in Manhattan and Annie Hall and Interiors are, with one exception, presented as adults, but their concerns and conversations are those of clever children acting out a yearbook fantasy of adult life.


directed by Woody Allen


directed by Woody Allen

Annie Hall

directed by Woody Allen

Italy: Behind the Ski Mask

Guerriglia e guerra rivoluzionaria in Italia [Guerrilla Warfare and Revolutionary War in Italy]

by Sabino S. Acquaviva

II seme religioso della rivolta [The Religious Seed of Revolt]

by Sabino S. Acquaviva

Marx oltre Marx: Quaderno di lavoro sui Grundrisse [Marx Beyond Marx: A Workbook on the Grundrisse]

by Antonio Negri

La fabbrica della strategia: 33 lezioni su Lenin [The Factory of Strategy: 33 Lectures on Lenin]

by Antonio Negri

II dominio e il sabotaggio: Sul methodo marxista della trasformazione sociale [Domination and Sabotage: On the Marxist Method of Social Transformation]

by Antonio Negri

Eminent Romantics

Bloomsbury: A House of Lions

by Leon Edel

On the Thanatos Trail

Aspects of Death in Early Greek Art and Poetry (The Sather Classical Lectures, Vol. 46)

by Emily Vermeule

Darwin Vindicated!

Darwin and the Mysterious Mr. X: New Light on the Evolutionists

by Loren Eiseley

The Half-cracked Hero

The Road to Khartoum: A Life of General Charles Gordon

by Charles Chenevix Trench

Pictures from an Expedition

The White Album

by Joan Didion

‘Love and Do as You Please’

Man of Nazareth

by Anthony Burgess

The Living End

by Stanley Elkin

Piranesi’s Year


Exhibition catalogue by John Wilton-Ely

Piranesi: The Early Architectural Fantasies 1978-October 1, 1978

exhibition at the National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC), June 1,

Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Drawings in the Pierpont Morgan Library

by Felice Stampfle

Piranesi: Incisioni, rami, legature, architetturae

Exhibition catalogue, Fondazione Giorgio Cini (Venice), edited by Alessandro Bettagno

Disegni di Giambattista Piranesi

Exhibition catalogue, Fondazione Giorgio Cini (Venice), edited by Alessandro Bettagno

Piranèse et les français, colloque tenu à la Villa Médicis

edited by Georges Brunel


by Jonathan Scott


by Nicholas Penny

The Mind and Art of Giovanni Battista Piranesi

by John Wilton-Ely

Archäologie des Traums: Versuch über Giovanni Battista Piranesi

by Norbert Miller

Rome: The Biography of Its Architecture from Bernini to Thorvaldsen

by Christian Elling

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