For Old Times’ Sake

Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President

by Jimmy Carter

Crisis: The Last Year of the Carter Presidency

by Hamilton Jordan


Bernard Shaw and Alfred Douglas: A Correspondence

edited by Mary Hyde

The Shrink Princess

Marie Bonaparte: A Life

by Celia Bertin

Nuclear Sense and Nonsense

The Nuclear Delusion: Soviet-American Relations in the Atomic Age

by George F. Kennan

With Enough Shovels: Reagan, Bush and Nuclear War

by Robert Scheer

In Flaubert’s Laboratory

The Letters of Gustave Flaubert: 1857-1880

selected, edited, and translated by Francis Steegmuller


Unclean Spirits: Possession and Exorcism in France and England in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries

by D.P. Walker

Mystical Bedlam: Madness, Anxiety, and Healing in Seventeenth-Century England

by Michael MacDonald

Health, Medicine and Mortality in the Sixteenth Century

edited by Charles Webster

Madhouses, Mad-Doctors, and Madmen: The Social History of Psychiatry in the Victorian Era

edited by Andrew Scull

American Graffiti

The Woods

by David Plante

A Midnight Clear

by William Wharton

Shiloh and Other Stories

by Bobbie Ann Mason

Variety Shows

George Mills

by Stanley Elkin

The Names

by Don DeLillo

Ancient Biggies

Who Was Who in the Roman World: 753 BC-AD 476

edited by Diana Bowder

Who Was Who in the Greek World: 776 BC-30 BC

edited by Diana Bowder

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