Notes from Underground

Soviet Women: Walking the Tightrope

by Francine du Plessix Gray

Theme and Variations


by Philip Roth

Two Who Made a Revolution

Picasso and Braque: Pioneering Cubism 24, 1989, to January 6, 1990

an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City September

Picasso and Braque: Pioneering Cubism

catalog of the exhibition and William Rubin

From the Ming to Deng Xiaoping

The Search for Modern China

by Jonathan D. Spence

Feminism and Literature

Beyond Feminist Aesthetics: Feminist Literature and Social Change

by Rita Felski

Women, Class, and the Feminist Imagination: A Socialist-Feminist Reader

edited by Karen V. Hansen, edited by Ilene J. Philipson


edited and with an introduction by Linda J. Nicholson

Women Writers of the Seventeenth Century

edited by Katharina M. Wilson, edited by Frank J. Warnke

Eighteenth-Century Women Poets: An Oxford Anthology

edited by Roger Lonsdale

Hamlet's Mother and Other Women

by Carolyn G. Heilbrun

No Man's Land: The Place of the Woman Writer in the Twentieth Century Vol. I, The War of the Words Vol. II, Sexchanges

by Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar

Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson

by Camille Paglia

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Indomitable Pasternak

Boris Pasternak: A Literary Biography Volume I, 1890–1928

by Christopher Barnes

Boris Pasternak: The Poet and His Politics

by Lazar Fleishman

Boris Pasternak

by Peter Levi

Boris Pasternak: The Tragic Years, 1930–60

by Evgeny Pasternak, translated by Michael Duncan, the poetry of Pasternak translated by Anne Pasternak Slater and Craig Raine

Making Hay with Huxley

Huxley in Hollywood

by David King Dunaway

Only Disconnect

Picturing Will

by Ann Beattie

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