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The Caliphate: From Grand to Sordid

Malise Ruthven

Jan 19, 2017
analyst Brian Fishman, in Afghanistan he came under the strong influence of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, a Palestinian

The Bible and the Perils of ‘Evolution’

G.W. Bowersock

Oct 27, 2016
His view of hunter-gatherers subverts van Schaik and Michel’s evolutionary interpretation of early Palestinian

In Saudi Arabia: Can It Really Change?

Nicolas Pelham

Oct 13, 2016
In November 2015 Ashraf Fayadh, a Palestinian poet raised in Saudi Arabia, was sentenced to death for

Can Germany Cope with the Refugees?

Joshua Hammer

Aug 18, 2016
In July 2015, a fourteen-year-old Palestinian refugee had confronted Merkel at a student gathering in

Blacks & Jews Entangled

Darryl Pinckney

Jul 14, 2016
in Brooklyn during the teachers’ strike of 1968, and especially because of what had happened to the Palestinians

We Buried the Disgraceful Truth

Steve Coll

Jun 23, 2016
In Fallujah, Fair encountered army interrogators who had built what they called a “Palestinian chair,

How to Understand ISIS

Malise Ruthven

Jun 23, 2016
logic,” says Lynch, “applied broadly: pitting Christians against Muslims in Egypt, Jordanians against Palestinians

A Case Against America

Kenneth Roth

Jun 9, 2016
legitimate military target, but not the Israeli-backed slaughter in 1982 by Lebanese Phalangists of Palestinian

The Craving for Public Squares

Michael Kimmelman

Apr 7, 2016
There, a Palestinian architect, Sandi Hilal, worked with residents of the camp to create a public square

Israel: The Broken Silence

David Shulman

Apr 7, 2016
Palestinian land from the village of Susya to Israeli settlers.