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We Buried the Disgraceful Truth

Steve Coll

Jun 23, 2016
In Fallujah, Fair encountered army interrogators who had built what they called a “Palestinian chair,

How to Understand ISIS

Malise Ruthven

Jun 23, 2016
logic,” says Lynch, “applied broadly: pitting Christians against Muslims in Egypt, Jordanians against Palestinians

Red and Blue Agony (NYR Daily)

Elizabeth Drew

May 26, 2016
To take one example, the Sanders appointments include at least two strong supporters of the Palestinians

The Middle East: World Crisis? A Conference (Event)

May 19, 2016
of Rabbis for Human Rights since 2005, and as a lawyer she has litigated property rights cases for Palestinians

A Case Against America

Kenneth Roth

Jun 9, 2016
legitimate military target, but not the Israeli-backed slaughter in 1982 by Lebanese Phalangists of Palestinian

2016: When the Rules Change the Game (NYR Daily)

Elizabeth Drew

Apr 20, 2016
The most loaded difference that came up in the debate was over how to deal with Israel and the Palestinians

Jordan: How Close to Danger? (NYR Daily)

Joost Hiltermann

Mar 29, 2016
Jordan, unlike Syria and Lebanon, granted citizenship to Palestinian refugees during an earlier era,

The Craving for Public Squares

Michael Kimmelman

Apr 7, 2016
There, a Palestinian architect, Sandi Hilal, worked with residents of the camp to create a public square

Israel: The Broken Silence

David Shulman

Apr 7, 2016
Palestinian land from the village of Susya to Israeli settlers.

Inside Obedient Islamic Minds

Malise Ruthven

Apr 7, 2016
The same, he argues, is true of threats from Palestinian groups based in the West Bank and Gaza, and