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Liberal, Harsh Denmark

Hugh Eakin

Mar 10, 2016
In February of last year, just weeks after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, a young Danish-Palestinian man

ISIS in Gaza

Sarah Helm

Jan 14, 2016
After internecine strife among the Palestinian leadership in 2007, Hamas seized power in Gaza, which

‘A Knack for Handling Power’

Avishai Margalit

Jan 14, 2016
Since the war with the Palestinian Arabs was by then in full swing, it is not clear that a decision not

A Very Different Salomé

Ingrid D. Rowland

Dec 3, 2015
simple parallels (the fact that Jokanaan speaks Arabic does not automatically make him a contemporary Palestinian

Jerusalem: Why Should Things Not Get Worse? (NYR Daily)

David Shulman

Nov 4, 2015
Whether you are Jewish Israeli or Palestinian, there is a sense of lurking danger, random, episodic,

In the Syrian Deadlands

Charles Glass

Oct 22, 2015
The Palestinian sociologist Salim Tamari saw that period as four miserable years of tyranny symbolized

The Jewish Terrorists

Assaf Sharon

Sep 24, 2015
In 2002 a clandestine group of Jewish settlers attempted to blow up a Palestinian girls’ school.

Syria: The Threat of Indifference (NYR Daily)

Hugh Eakin

Aug 6, 2015
Hamakurdi, a woman from Aleppo whose family had taken refuge in Shatila, the extremely poor, decades-old Palestinian

Forced into a Double Life

Ruth Franklin

Aug 13, 2015
their adopted homelands of South Africa and Israel, to persecute those with less power—the blacks, the Palestinians

France: The Return of Anti-Semitism

Robert Badinter

Aug 13, 2015
of anti-Semitism sprang up, masquerading under the name of anti-Zionism, and fomented by the Israeli-Palestinian