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Murders & Massacres from Both Sides (Letter)

Henry Wassermann

Jun 25, 2015
: In “Einstein as a Jew and a Philosopher” [NYR, May 7], Freeman Dyson stated: “In 1929, when some Palestinian

Gaza: Killing Gets Easier (NYR Daily)

David Shulman

May 29, 2015
and middle-level officers, the report revealed that the large number of civilian casualties on the Palestinian

The Religious Specter Haunting Revolution

Michael Ignatieff

Jun 4, 2015
in his commitments to a secular, pluralist “democratic left,” to an Israel that makes peace with the Palestinians

The Best Man Among Us

Jonathan Freedland

May 21, 2015
expanding project of Jewish settlement in the occupied territories that would eventually have to become a Palestinian

Einstein as a Jew and a Philosopher

Freeman Dyson

May 7, 2015
In 1929, when some Palestinian Arabs organized a violent opposition to Jewish settlement and killed some

Bibi: The Hidden Consequences of His Victory

David Shulman

Apr 23, 2015
Palestinians suffer from a very similar problem.

Israel: The Stark Truth (NYR Daily)

David Shulman

Mar 21, 2015
and that will further deepen Israel’s colonial venture in the Palestinian territories, probably irreversibly

Iran: The Senate Strikes Back (NYR Daily)

Elizabeth Drew

Mar 9, 2015
develop a nuclear weapon, and was generally scathing about Netanyahu’s approach to both Iran and the Palestinians

Syria’s Lost Spring (NYR Daily)

Robyn Creswell

Feb 16, 2015
posters borrow from several styles of leftist art, from early Soviet abstraction to the iconography of Palestinian

The Terrible War for Sri Lanka

Joshua Hammer

Mar 5, 2015
Mohan captures a country of dueling narratives as irreconcilable as those of the Palestinians and the