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In the Shadow of Sharon

Avishai Margalit

Feb 20, 2014
Arafat within the confines of his compound in Ramallah and personally went to great lengths to make the Palestinian

Iran: A Good Deal Now in Danger

Jessica T. Mathews

Feb 20, 2014
The Middle East is already riven by the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, by Sunni-Shia rivalry, and by the

Syria: On the Way to Genocide?

Charles Glass

Dec 5, 2013
ragged neighborhood of Sunnis, Druze, and Alawites on the southern outskirts of Damascus, bordering the Palestinian

Syria’s Assault on Doctors (NYR Daily)

Annie Sparrow

Nov 3, 2013
border regions of Lebanon and Turkey, I have conducted nearly two-hundred interviews with Syrians and Palestinians

The Curse of Afghanistan

David Gilmour

Nov 21, 2013
also an active commentator on current affairs with strong views, for example, on the sufferings of the Palestinians

Bitter Faces in the Holy Land (NYR Daily)

David Shulman

Oct 30, 2013
the Separation Barrier, as it is officially called in Israel, that had recently gone up in Abu Dis, a Palestinian

Syria: What Chance to Stop the Slaughter?

Kenneth Roth

Nov 21, 2013
example, routinely uses its veto to protect Israel from criticism for abuses committed in the occupied Palestinian

Yuk! Pshaw! Excelsior! Fifty Years of Headlines from The New York Review (NYR Daily)

Matthew Howard

Oct 2, 2013
Who's Afraid of the Palestinians?

Syria’s Refugees: The Catastrophe

Hugh Eakin

Oct 10, 2013
a haven for people escaping persecution elsewhere, from Armenians fleeing the genocide in 1915 and Palestinians

The American Jewish Cocoon

Peter Beinart

Sep 26, 2013
to assume that Palestinian anger toward Israel must be a product solely of Palestinian pathology.