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Netanyahu, Then and Now (NYR Daily)

Nathan Thrall

Jul 31, 2013
  As Israelis and Palestinians embark on a new round of peace talks, critics of Benjamin Netanyahu

What Future for Israel?

Nathan Thrall

Aug 15, 2013
Israel would annex 6.3 percent of Palestinian territory, compensating the Palestinians with Israeli lands

Hard on Obama

Steve Coll

Jul 11, 2013
who continues to authorize settlements in the West Bank and sidestep attempts to revive the Israeli-Palestinian

Wagner and the Jews

Daniel Barenboim

Jun 20, 2013
Even today, many Israelis see the refusal of Palestinians to recognize the state of Israel as a continuation

The Bombers’ World

Christian Caryl

Jun 6, 2013
The other, of mixed Russian-Palestinian parentage, went by the name of Mahmoud Mansur Nidal.

A Music of Overpowering Affection (NYR Daily)

Geoffrey O’Brien

Apr 20, 2013
wars of Israelites and Philistines were in some fashion being displaced onto the conflicts of Jews and Palestinians

On Anthony Lewis (1927–2013)

David Cole

May 9, 2013
That same year, he brought the nation’s attention to the immigration service’s arrest of seven Palestinians

Egypt in the Raw (NYR Daily)

Yasmine El Rashidi

Apr 3, 2013
writings of Ernest Hemingway (including Carlos Baker’s The Writer as Artist, translated to Arabic by the Palestinian

Hope in Hebron (NYR Daily)

David Shulman

Mar 22, 2013
Now, for a change, we are seeing Palestinian activists setting up outposts of their own on Palestinian

A Passion for Jungle People and Birdsong

Steven Mithen

Feb 21, 2013
Among both Israelis and Palestinians we find long memories, desire for revenge, demonization of the enemy