levine springs pancho
David Levine John Springs Pancho

This gallery showcases caricatures drawn for The New York Review by three artists: David Levine, whose more than 2,500 caricatures have illuminated articles published in the Review since 1963; and John Springs and Pancho (Francisco Graells), whose works have been published regularly in the Review over the past few years.

About the galleries

The galleries showcase illustrations of presidents and poets, composers and scientists—from Achebe, Agnew, and Albee to Zapata, Zola, and Zyuganov. The works of David Levine are in black and white and those of John Springs and Pancho are in color.

Each image is now available for sale, printed on heavyweight archival paper, in an attractive 12" x 16" frame. Use the search and browse functions to view the the drawings by date or subject, and click on the thumbnails provided for a larger image and ordering information.