The Emperor Robeson

It is hard to find anyone under fifty who has the slightest idea who Paul Robeson is, or what he was, which is astonishing—as a singer, of course, and as an actor, his work is of the highest order. But his significance as an emblematic figure is even greater, crucial to an understanding of the American twentieth century.

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Out of Control
After two hundred years, how exactly are we to go back to Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ itself, as distinct from its proliferating, multimedia myth?
Super Goethe
He alarmed people as much as he charmed them, not only by his sudden flare-ups and his unpredictable antics, but by his foul language.
More Light!
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Outing the Inside
Louise Bourgeois called attention to emotions that most people prefer to keep hidden: shame, disgust, fear of abandonment, jealousy, anger.

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An Icy Conquest
“We are starved!” cried the sixty skeletal members of the English colony of Jamestown as provisions arrived in 1610.

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