The Thick Red Line

Stalin and His Generals: Soviet Military Memoirs of World War II

edited by Seweryn Bialer

Marshal Zhukov's Greatest Battles

by Georgi K. Zhukov, edited by Harrison Salisbury, translated by Theodore Shabad
Seweryn Bialer’s selection of Soviet military memoirs makes fascinating reading. It is in fact a model of editing: the Introduction, the linking passages, the notes, are just what they should be: informative, accurate, and relevant. The days when histories of the Soviet-German conflict could be written only from German sources …

Inside the Whale

The Bolsheviks

by Adam B. Ulam

Stalin's Russia

by Francis B. Randall
Next year the Russian revolution will be fifty years old. It is an important task for historians to take another careful look at the events of 1917, their causes and their consequences. How much have events been determined by circumstances, how much by the strong and powerful personalities of Lenin …