Joan Sax

  • Women in Retreat

    December 19, 1991

    Storia delle donne in Occidente: Dal Rinascimento all’età moderna (A History of Women in the West: From the Renaissance to the Modern Era) edited by Arlette Farge, edited by Natalie Zemon Davis

    Letteratura per il popolo in Francia (1600–1750) (Literature for the French People, 1600–1750) by Giovanni Dotoli

    Women of the Renaissance by Margaret L. King

    Ange ou diablesse: La représentation de la femme au XVIe siècle (Angel or Devil: The Representation of Women in the Sixteenth Century) by Sara F. Matthews Grieco

    Le travail des apparences: Le corps féminin, XVIIIe–XIXe siècle (The Work of Appearances: The Female Body in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries) by Philippe Perot