Raymond Bonner has been a foreign correspondent and investigative reporter for The New York Times, and has written extensively about the Bush administration’s treatment of terrorist suspects. (April 2008)

Forever Guantánamo

“Justice delayed is justice denied” is a guiding principle of the American criminal justice system. The Bush administration has ignored this principle with impunity, and America’s image abroad has suffered greatly as a result.

The CIA’s Secret Torture

While Stephen Grey leaves no doubt that people subject to rendition are tortured, he also makes it clear how little we know of the world in which Americans in black dress and black masks escort people on secret planes to secret prisons to be tortured. As he observes, when the government claims someone is dangerous and a member of al-Qaeda, and the person arrested says he is an innocent farmer or businessman, how do we know the truth when we can’t see the government’s proof because it says the evidence must remain classified?

The Russians Are Coming!

Robert Friedman’s book is the first to describe in detail the Russian mobsters who have established criminal enterprises throughout the world. His prose sometimes makes it sound like a sequel to Pulp Fiction. A Russian killer in Brooklyn murders a boy, he writes, “by picking him up like a ragdoll …