Steven H. Wright

Steven Wright, a defense attorney in Madison, Wisconsin, served in the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice for five years.

  • The Voter ID Mess

    October 11, 2014

    Amid a slew of new court orders on voter ID laws, will states be able to prevent confusion among poll workers—the people who have the de-facto last word in determining whether you are eligible to vote?

  • Voter Discrimination Just Got Easier

    July 29, 2014

    The next federal election is four months away, and the Justice Department, for the first time in half a century, will lack the power to monitor polls in communities where monitoring is most needed.

  • Trayvon Martin: What the Law Can't Do

    July 22, 2013

    What can the Justice Department do to resolve the Trayvon Martin case? In truth, not a whole lot. The state prosecution was the best opportunity to put Zimmerman behind bars. Federal charges are fraught with problems, and a wrongful-death suit might not give anyone a sense of closure.