Philosophy as a Humanist Discipline

A free conference, open to all, to mark the 50th anniversary of The New York Review of Books and to honor the lives, work, and legacy of Isaiah Berlin, Stuart Hampshire and Bernard Williams.

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Sponsored by The New York Review Of Books Foundation; Fritt Ord; All Souls College, Oxford; The Europaeum, Oxford; Wadham College, Oxford; Wolfson College, Oxford.

Photo: Steve Daniels,via Wikimedia Commons


All events located at Wadham College, Oxford, England, in The Holywell Music Room, Holywell Street.

Saturday, June 22

2:30–4:00: Berlin, Hampshire, Williams and Their World
Robert Silvers (Chair); Avishai Margalit, Alan Ryan, Mary Warnock

4:30–6:00: Hedgehogs and Foxes; The Philosopher as Public Intellectual 
John Vickers (Chair); John Gray, Helena Kennedy QC, Mark Lilla.

Sunday, June 23

10:00–11:30: Plural Values and The History of Ethics
Hermione Lee (Chair); Naomi Eilan, Alan Ryan, Edward Skidelsky

12:00–1:30: Is Political Philosophy More Than a Branch of Ethics? 
Ken Macdonald, QC (Chair); Jerome Bruner, Samuel Scheffler, Jeremy Waldron.

2:30–4:00: Ethics and Power: The Long Shadow of Machiavelli
Robert Silvers (Chair); Avishai Margalit, Timothy Garton Ash, Marc Stears

Wadham College
Holywell Street,
Oxford, United Kingdom