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As a subscriber to the The New York Review of Books you can read  complete issues on the NYR App. The app offers text and PDF views, the ability to save articles and search across recent issues and NYR Daily content, and easy social media sharing. Instructions for subscribing or signing in follow:

Download The New York Review of Books app and use the “Subscribe” button to get to the “Existing Subscribers” log in page. You may log in using your email address and zip/postal code. An optional Account Creation step follows your initial sign-in; this account is separate from any website account you may already have and is used to share or store articles from the app.

The New York Review’s app is available through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You may purchase single issues or subscribe through those app stores if you are not a current Review subscriber. Subscriptions purchased through the app stores do not include access to the New York Review’s archive on our website.

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