To the Editors:

Congratulations upon the birth of your Review! Your first issue combined the timeliness of a Sunday supplement with the critical intelligence of a first rate literary journal. The quality of your first group of contributors guaranteed good writing. Even so, the cluster of critical articles you were able to publish would do honor to a quarterly or monthly, planned at long range.

Yes, there is definite room for “a responsible literary journal…in America.” If this journal can maintain the chronological and intellectual immediacy of your first issue, there also will be a demand for it. The trouble with many literary reviews in this country is not only that they are written on a campus but that their content reflects problems and attitudes which are brought to a campus, but are not of it. Reading your Review one has the feeling that your contributors live where the books come out and—more—are concerned with the problems that the books discuss.


Atlanta, Georgia

This Issue

June 1, 1963