To the Editors:

Already I’ve come to expect miracles from NYR. Book reviews I can read—book reviews I can pay attention to.

Frankly, who else does it? I’m too “in” for the “out” review media, too “out” for the really “in” ones. NYR answers my needs beautifully and answers a national need even more. Too bad another sheet (incomparable with yours) has grabbed the National Review handle. I think the nation deserves your image, not just Manhattan.

I’ve told all my reviewers that so far as I’m concerned, there is just one review medium now that they really need to read.

Please, dear God, don’t let it get too in-group, too mannered, too chichi. And dear, dear God, preserve it from the academicians. That’s my prayer, a reader since Issue I.

A.C. Greene

Book Editor

The Dallas Times Herald

This Issue

November 14, 1963