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W**l*nd*ng from the July 30, 1964 issue

To the Editors:

Muggeridge does not mention Judeo-Christianity as such in his review of Eros Denied, and so demonstrates that he either did not read or entirely failed to understand 80 per cent of it. He persistently describes the book as humorless. This is a deliberate lie. It is card-carrying propaganda, not just the fastidiousness of a member of a generation a touch younger than that of Frank Harris and others. Young’s first chapter on semantics, for one, would have been greatly admired by Mark Twain, who wrote a number of things in much the same manner. Finally he tells us that he would rather read St. better-to-marry-than-burn Paul on relations between the sexes than the work of Wayland Young; and this is where we see what Muggeridge is and has been all the while.

Myles Jackson

New York City

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September 10, 1964