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from the May 6, 1965 issue

To the Editors:

I can understand that the exigencies of journalism sometimes require even the kind of brutal emasculation which you performed on my letter concerning Roth’s review of Tiny Alice (April 8). But I must insist that you correct one gross error.

My carbon copy of the letter I sent you reads: “…—all of which underlines the metaphysical theme of the play.” Your printed text reads: “…—all of which undermines the metaphysical theme of the play.” Roth’s review was evidence of irresponsible journalism; you needn’t have underlined that fact by butchering my text in such a way as to make me out as some sort of self-contradictory idiot. You might also make clear that what you printed was an excerpt.

John V. Hagopian

Harpur College

Binghamton, N.Y.

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May 6, 1965