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A Heroine of Revolution from the October 6, 1966 issue

To the Editors:

In my review of J.P. Nettl’s Rosa Luxemburg (October 6, 1966), I followed Nettl’s bibliography and claimed that the pamphlet on the Russian Revolution is the only work by her to be translated into English. This is an error which was pointed out to me by several correspondents who were kind enought to enumerate the following bibliographical items. The Accumulation of Capital was published in 1951 by Routledge & Kegan Paul in London and by the Yale University Press. The Juniusbroschüre was published in 1918 by The Socialist Publication Society of New York and has been reissued, apparently in mimeographed form, in 1955 by Lanka Sama Samaja Publications of Colombo, Ceylon, under the title The Crisis in the German Social Democracy. The same publishing house brought out her The Mass Strike the Political Party, and the Trade Unions (1906) in 1953.

Furthermore, some of her controversy with Bernstein was published in this country by the Three Arrows Press in 1937, and it seems that excerpts from her writings were later published by International Review, which was connected with the Three Arrows Press.

Hannah Arendt

New York City

This Issue

December 1, 1966