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Holes in Moore from the November 17, 1966 issue

To the Editors:

I fail to see the logic of Hilton Kramer’s conclusion (Nov. 17) that Henry Moore’s later sculpture is of lessened importance because it is no longer “an important source of ideas for serious sculptors.”

The question of an artist’s influence is often quite peripheral to the quality of his art per se. I am reminded of Donald Francis Tovey’s remark about the musical form of theme and variations—if a theme is near perfection, and complete in itself, it is not nearly so eligible as a subject for variations; while an indifferent theme, even the “cobbler’s patchwork” theme Diabelli gave Beethoven, can bear seeds which a greater mind can bring, quite wonderfully, to fruition.

Donald Hoffmann

Art Editor

The Kansas City Star

This Issue

February 9, 1967