To the Editors:

Americans in West Berlin have formed an information service and lobby to encourage a political settlement in Vietnam. We seek: 1) the unconditional cessation of the bombing, shelling and mining of North Vietnam; 2) the acceptance by the US of the NLF as a legitimate party in its own right to the settlement and to the subsequent political life of South Vietnam; 3) the internationally supervised withdrawal of all foreign troops from North and South Vietnam; 4) the internationally guaranteed neutrality of North and South Vietnam; 5) the willingness of the US to accept whatever choices the South Vietnamese may eventually make with respect to reunification.

We also maintain a library of English language books on Vietnam and are widely circulating these among Americans in Berlin. Our activity will receive wider attention with the beginning in late April of a series of weekly one-hour walks of 100 Americans through Berlin. We would welcome any Americans who would like to contribute to or contact the “US Campaign” at Droysenstrasse 15, Berlin-Charlottenburg (West).

It need hardly be said that the views of Americans abroad on the war in Vietnam have been badly neglected. We therefore request their support.

Peter B. Standish

Secretary, US Campaign

Droysenstrasse 15, West Berlin 12

This Issue

May 4, 1967