To the Editors:

You have no doubt read of the arrest and harassment of Leslie Fiedler and his family by a variety of forces in Buffalo. The case has put the Fielders under severe financial stresses, involving their life insurance, fire insurance, and home mortgage. In particular, the case has already cost them $7000 in legal fees and will cost more as it proceeds. To help the Fielders in this crisis and to enable them to fight for the due process and freedoms involved, we are establishing the Fiedler Defense Fund. We will be most grateful to anyone who sends in a contribution—to Fiedler Defense Fund, Norman N. Holland, Secretary, 131 High Park Boulevard, Amherst, New York 14226.

Sincerely yours,

A. Alvarez

Noam Chomsky

Marcus Cunliffe

Sidney Hook

Frank Kermode

James Laughlin

R. W. B. Lewis

Bernard Malamud

James A. Michener

Norman Podhoretz

Richard Poirier

Karl Shapiro

This Issue

October 12, 1967