To the Editors:

For about three months now a broadly based, nonpartisan organization calling itself Madison Citizens for a Vote on Vietnam has worked to place the following resolution before the electorate in the April 2 primary:

It is the policy of the people of the City of Madison that there be an immediate cease fire and the withdrawal of United States troops from Vietnam, so that the Vietnamese people can determine their own destiny.

On January 25 the Madison Common Council reluctantly acted on the petition of 7,959 of its constituents, and voted to place the resolution on the spring ballot. At present it appears that the people of Wisconsin’s capital city will be the only ones in America with the opportunity to repudiate President Johnson’s criminal policies.

We are now mounting a full-scale publicity and educational campaign. Our resources are slender, to put it mildly, and readers who may wish to assist ar urged to send contributions to: Madison Citizens for a Vote on Vietnam, 206 King Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703.

Paul H. Hass

Madison Citizens for

a Vote on Vietnam

Madison, Wisconsin.

This Issue

March 28, 1968