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San Francisco State from the August 1, 1968 issue

To the Editors:

Regarding the exchange between John Gerassi and Marshall Windmiller (April 11, 1968), we feel compelled to add that the History Department at San Francisco State College—alluded to by Gerassi—operates in a most underhanded manner: In the past year Constance Wilson was fired for refusing to participate in certain department social activities; Juan Martinez for supporting the educational demands of “minority” students; Mike Gardiner (a teaching assistant) for participating in the Dec. 6 demonstration; Richard Fitzgerald for sponsoring a course in ancient African history. The circumstances of these cases are even stranger. The excuse for removing Wilson was literally that she lectured with her glasses idiosyncratically on her nose; for Martinez that even though he had been rehired orally, and had resigned a tenured position at another college, nothing was in writing; for Gardiner that even though his reappointment was in writing his grade point average (above the necessary 3.0) was suddenly insufficient; for Fitzgerald that even though his re-appointment was also in writing, the letter of reappointment was a “clerical mistake.” Further, when we consider that the department passed a resolution condemning John Gerassi and refuses to offer courses in African, black or labor history, we can only conclude that the charge that this department is “racist and reactionary” should be investigated by the American Historical Association, the AAUP, the San Francisco State Academic Senate, SDS, and other groups concerned with an honest and open education on American campuses.

Anatole Anton, Philosophy Dept., San Francisco State.

Frank Verges, Philosophy Dept. San Francisco State.

James Parsons, History Dept., Univ. of California at Riverside.

G. William Domhoff, Cowell College, Univ. of California at Santa Cruz.

Allen Solganik, Economics Dept., San Jose State College.

Michael Pincus, History Dept., Chico State College.

Stanley Claussen, School and Library Division, Random House.

Lee Raymond, History Dept., Humboldt State College.

Richard Cosgrove, History Dept., University of Arizona.

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August 1, 1968