To the Editors:

Eldridge Cleaver, author of Soul on Ice, Senior Editor of Ramparts Magazine, and Minister of Information of the Black Panther Party, will be on the ballot in some twenty states as the Presidential candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party. Running on a platform of immediate withdrawal from Vietnam and support of the Black liberation movement. Eldridge Cleaver can present the only electoral challenge to the discreditable politics of Nixon, Humphrey, and Wallace.

We see the value of a Cleaver campaign as manifold. A well funded and well publicized campaign will illuminate the inadequacy of establishment politics. It will articulate demands that scarcely have an opportunity to arise within the establishment arena. It will build both critique and demands into a firm, broad, and permanent political formation.

We intend to campaign vigorously, and to demand that the Left be accorded as much election coverage as the Wallace reactionaries have been receiving. To run such a campaign requires many thousands of dollars. Please send contributions immediately to:

Eldridge Cleaver for President Fund
c/o Peace & Freedom Party
682 Sixth Avenue, New York, New York

This Issue

November 7, 1968